Case Study:

Job Description Development

For the City of Medford, Oregon, WBCP:

  • Rewrote all the city’s job descriptions.
  • Assisted the city with selecting and implementing a competency model for recruitment, retention, development and performance evaluation.
  • Built-in the core competencies identified by the organization into the updated job descriptions.
  • Designed a citywide approval process to expedite implementation of new job descriptions.

Check out our sample job description for the City of Medford.

In 2015, the City of Medford contracted with WBCP to update and redesign our classification plan and create general competencies to be included in our job descriptions. The work Wendi Brown and her team did with the overall revamping of our job descriptions was exceptional and timely in-light of continuing demands for redrafts by the City. The entire process was collaborative, engaging our staff in the creation of useful descriptions for recruitment and performance management. The design and layout of the job descriptions WBCP provided are user-friendly and easy for us to continually update.”

– Michael Snyder, Human Resources Director
City of Medford, Oregon