What Our Clients Say

I appreciate the attention and feedback WBCP provided during the recruitment process. It was a great experience and the team is top notch – one of the best firms I’ve dealt with in recruitment. ”

–John, Candidate, Town Manager, Town of Truckee

I had a great experience with WBCP. I’ve heard horror stories about recruitment experiences these days, and I’m happy to have a good story to share instead.”

– Leigh, Candidate, Marketing Director, NABC/USHBC

Thank you so much for all your support. I really could not have imagined going through this without your services. Your summaries, how you strategically gave us things to think about, how you supported our deliberations, and still kept us on schedule. You were worth every penny!”

– Anna Klovstad, Vice Mayor, Town of Truckee, California

While this position provided unique challenges for both of our teams, we are very happy with the process and level of professionalism you brought that ultimately filled this difficult role.”

–Jake Austin, HR Director, SWEED

WBCP has handled some of our most diplomatic and sensitive recruitments and they have done it like champs. Great team to work with, very honest, reliable, responsive and the quality of their candidates has been excellent to say the least.

– Omar Ramos, Administrative Officer of HR and City Manger’s Office, City of Long Beach, California

I would like to thank you for an amazing four position recruitment. I don’t think it could really have gone any better. During the interviews, our candidates expressed what an excellent job you did.”

– Thomas Gresham, Assistant Director, Information & Communications Technology, County of Santa Barbara, California

A big thank you to you and your team. You all did an amazing job navigating us through this process in such bizarre times [COVID-19 outbreak]. We truly appreciate it.”

– Veronica Rodriguez, Human Resources Manager, City of Lincoln, California

Wendi puts the “human” back into “Human Resources” as she deals with each candidate in a respectful and professional manner. Her communication skill is excellent; and she’s an expert at what she does. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Wendi during an executive search. I found her to be very thorough. I got all the phone calls and emails when due. She shocked me when she went out of her way to give me tips on how to focus and improve my chances at other jobs. Wendi and her team showed respect even after informing me that they were moving on with another candidate. I am still benefiting from her counsel. If we had more of her type, job searches would be pleasurable.”

– Godwin, Candidate for Health Agency Director

Wendi and her WBCP team instantly earned our confidence to lead the recruitment process. From the very beginning, Wendi effectively managed meetings with key hiring managers to identify exactly what the City needed and wanted. WBCP’s professionalism continued from interactions with our candidates and panel members to the final product.”

–Jason Stilwell, City Manager, City of Santa Maria, California

Thank you for the valuable feedback after client interviews. Your feedback helped me improve my skills and secure every other executive job interview.”

– Louis, Candidate for Assistant IT Director  

I have never seen a management-level position get filled so quickly and seamlessly. WBCP’s service made this happen, which I very much appreciate. Wendi’s service is so well worth it!”

– Paul A. Jensen, AICP Community Development Director, City of San Rafael

Wendi has worked as an Executive Recruiter spearheading a number of difficult recruitments, with great results. She also conducted training for our recruiters that was informative and much needed. Wendi has a wealth of information and is eager to share her resources and expertise.”

– Melissa Grisales Assistant Human Resources Director County of Santa Barbara, CA Member of Board of Directors, International Hispanic Network (IHN)

WBCP is top notch professional, produces extraordinary results and is a pleasure to partner with. Wendi connects the dots.”

– Patricia Hill Thomas, COO/ Asst Executive Officer County of Stanislaus

Wendi and her staff possess the very rare skill of being able to communicate ideas and their associated benefits effectively. Organizations that value honesty, dedication and expect superior results won’t be disappointed with WBCP. Simply put, when you work with WBCP, you get results.”

– Chonne Sherman, Communications Liaison First 5 San Mateo County

To get it right for your community and your department, Wendi brings a deep understanding of staff culture and decision maker needs.”

– Mary Jones, County of Napa

Wendi Brown listens to the needs of her customers, tailors recruitments to best meet those needs, and attracts quality candidates into the process. Wendi keeps her customers informed and keeps candidates engaged. We have successfully used WBCP to find excellent candidates for our hard-to-fill and executive management positions since 2005.”

– Jeri Muth, CEO/Human Resources County of Santa Barbara, CA (Retired)

I first met Wendi when I was a candidate for my current position. Her priority was to find the best candidates, and ensure application materials were an accurate reflection of the skills and experience to make the candidate a good fit. Subsequently, I have employed WBCP for a number of management position searches in my Department, all of which have been successful.”

– Glenn S. Russell, PhD., RPA, Director, Planning and Development County of Santa Barbara, CA

Wendi took on a huge and extremely difficult recruitment for us with a very limited national pool of qualified applicants. She is excellent at communicating and listening—she makes sure that she understands all the essential job requirements and company preferences before bringing qualified applicants to us who can both do the job as well as fit within our culture. Wendi is by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with!”

– Dianne Gee, Human Resources and IT Manager Dogs for the Deaf, OR

Wendi pays attention to both vision and detail – a rare combination in the business. She is a person of creativity, integrity and innovation. She is my most highly regarded mentor in human resources, and I expect to enjoy a working relationship with her for the rest of my professional career.”

– James Rydingsword, Director San Benito County Health and Human Service Agency, CA

I worked with WBCP to fill our vacancy for Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer, which is a key strategic role in our national nonprofit. WBCP’s team came highly recommended and I was impressed by the professionalism, quality of candidates and the outcome exceeded our expectations.  I will use WBCP again and highly recommend WBCP to my colleagues.”

– Esta Soler, President Futures Without Violence, CA

We recently had an exceptional experience working with WBCP to recruit a new Health and Human Services Agency Director. This is a critical position and Wendi provided outstanding support in recruiting for this position. She was thorough, taking care of every detail, and also did an outstanding job identifying top candidates in the field to bring to the County for consideration.  With Wendi’s help we were able to find an excellent candidate for this critical vacancy.”

– Suzanne Mason, Director of Human Resources Napa County, CA

Because Wendi listens well, is attentive to what each organization needs, very smart and very responsible, I have used WBCP many times and have enthusiastically referred her to others.  Over my 30 year career in executive positions in health care and health philanthropy, I have never experienced the success offered by Wendi. She is a joy to work with.”

– Laura Hogan, Consultant Vice President of Program for The California Endowment

The City of Grants Pass had a very positive, rewarding experience working with Wendi Brown on our recruitment for a Community Development Director.  We received many positive comments from parties involved in the process on her professionalism, thoroughness and ability to put everyone at ease. We had one of our most successful hires, a highly contributing member of our staff.”

– Karin Lange, Human Resources Director City of Grants Pass, OR

WBCP went above and beyond to understand what we needed. The result was exceptional candidates.”

– Jim Schutz, City Manager City of San Rafael

WBCP has been a great asset to the County of Santa Barbara! Wendi is always very responsive and provides a full selection of HR services.”

– Melissa Grisales, Deputy HR Director County of Santa Barbara

Here’s our success story with WBCP: we asked Wendi and her team to help us fill two Software Engineer positions that had been open for more than a year. Wendi’s system really worked for us! We hired three recruits.”

– Shawn Shurick, IT Manager County of San Luis Obispo