Straight from the Source: Building Relationships as a Remote Employee

Picture of Lexie's headshot

February 22, 2024

Lexie Graf is WBCP’s Director of Marketing & Communications, overseeing our talented team of marketing and headhunting staff. While Lexie comes into the Rogue River office from time to time, she spends the majority of her time working remotely. As someone who has been a remote employee for the past four years, Lexie has grown to enjoy the work-life balance it gives her.

She also has become a master in developing relationships with her coworkers, even if it’s from halfway across the country! Learn Lexie’s top tips on developing workplace relationships as a remote employee.

Establish Regular Communication

The level of regular communication you have with your coworkers heavily depends on your role. For Lexie, she is frequently on all-staff meetings, Zoom video calls, and instant messaging. However, some roles may not require as much regular contact with fellow staff. If this is the case, make an effort to reach out to your team at least once a day – whether it be through Slack, Teams, email, or a quick phone call. Establish regular team meetings or fun virtual get togethers, such as a Zoom Happy Hour or Virtual Trivia.

Ask Non-Work-Related Questions

During busy times at work, it can be easy to zone in on your tasks at hand, especially as a remote employee. Carve out some time in your day for more casual “watercooler talk.” This means connecting with your team members on things other than, well, work! Topics such as pets, upcoming travel, weekend plans, and favorite meals tend to remain work appropriate while also sparking interesting conversation and fostering more meaningful connections.

Show Your Personality

Thanks to technology, it is possible to show your personality, even from afar. One way Lexie does this is by using GIFs or emojis with her teammates. Both Slack and Teams have a wide array of them, enabling you to add a little humor to your workday.

Offer to Help Others

Seeing how you can help your team members not only increases productivity in the organization, but it is also a way to show you care. If you learn that someone is struggling or their work keeps piling on, see what you can take off their plate. Even the act of checking in with someone about their workload gives you an opportunity to talk and therefore, connect!

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