Client Spotlight:

County of Santa Barbara, Executive Director of Arts Commission

CHALLENGE: When the County of Santa Barbara, California, was looking to fill the position of Executive Director of the Arts Commission, they turned to WBCP. The Arts Commission is a division within the Community Services Department. The purpose of its Executive Director is to act both as a coordinator and a catalyst, bringing government, artist, and the public together for the cultural benefit of all. Santa Barbara needed a talented candidate capable of meeting multi-faceted demands.

ACTIONS: The WBCP team designed a creative recruitment brochure that focused on matching the needs of the individual candidates to the County’s community and organizational requirements. WBCP’s efforts attracted a national applicant pool, producing an exciting list of ideal candidates.

RESULTS: The County had no hesitation in selecting an outstanding candidate finalist, Sarah York Rubin. During her prior 8-year service as the Executive Director of the Hillman Center for Performing Arts, Sarah became adept at utilizing the arts as a catalyst for greater community engagement and a resource to expand cross-cultural understanding. This was a key component the County was looking for. Sarah has been instrumental in forming great partnerships with diverse constituencies, artists, and organizations within the community. Since her appointment, Ms. Rubin has increased access to the arts as well as broadened the Arts Commission’s diversity of offerings and activities.

Wendi did a great job identifying particular criteria needed for our arts division, then finding the ideal professional. Our arts director is wonderful and is a perfect fit with our changing organization. That had a lot to do with Wendi’s work up front and the care she took in identifying good candidates.”

– George Chapjian, Community Services Director
County of Santa Barbara, California