Office Update: Part 1

October 12, 2022

When WBCP first got its start nearly two decades ago, we were operating right out of our President/founder’s home. As the business began to expand, we moved to our current office in Gold Hill, right on the mighty Rogue River. Throughout the past few years, we have molded this space into our own. From adding more desks to putting up walls and infrastructure to housing goats to munch on our overgrown blackberry bushes, there has never been a dull moment at our Gold Hill Headquarters!

Now that WBCP is bursting at the seams to accommodate more staff support for our clients and offer additional services, the current Gold Hill office is becoming a bit crowded, to say the least. To keep up with our expanding team, we have been on the hunt to find an office space that can better suit our needs (and give us room to work independently and collaboratively). When we stumbled upon a historic, 100-year-old red brick building right down the Rogue River (formerly a grocery store in its prime), we quickly knew we came upon something special. As a true diamond in the rough, we could see the blueprint for a space that could fit a rapidly growing team, separate office spaces, meeting areas, and an in-house daycare center. Before we got too excited, there was a lot of work to do.

Over the past year, we have worked as a team and with contractors to develop this space into something truly one-of-a-kind. From clearing out belongings left behind, to having a floor staple-pulling party (who knew there would be so many staples…), there has been a lot of hard work and effort put into this space both by staff and contractors; but that is what makes it a direct reflection of our values of teamwork, dedication, and forward-thinking. While this space seems like a long time coming, in just a few months, we will have a space that will allow us to better serve our clients.

WBCP is excited to be able to move Down the Rogue and become part of the amazing community of Rogue River. From the beautiful river views to the delicious restaurants to the friendly people, WBCP has a bright future in Rogue River. Stay tuned to follow along with the renovation process.