Client Spotlight:

City of San Rafael, Director of Public Works

CHALLENGE: The City of San Rafael, California, needed to recruit a Director of Public Works who was not only technically savvy, but also possessed strong interpersonal skills to work seamlessly with other cities, counties, staff, executives, elected officials, and an engaged community. In addition to the regular duties of a Public Works Director, the incumbent would be tasked with the implementation of the SMART train; a multi-year project launching that year.

ACTIONS: The WBCP team quickly identified the strengths required for an ideal candidate and implemented an integrated marketing plan to reach a national applicant pool, attracting top talent. Wendi Brown’s in-depth understanding of California communities, and the unique geographic challenges they present, played an important role in determining the overall marketing strategy for WBCP’s search criteria. WBCP’s professional network within the state proved beneficial in identifying individuals who would find the City of San Rafael’s culture inviting.

RESULTS: Branding the City of San Rafael as an employer-of-choice, WBCP team’s search attracted a total of 92 applicants, most of whom were ideal candidates. In the end, Bill Guerin proved to be the final candidate. Bill not only brings over 33 years of public works leadership experience, but he also serves the needs of the public with a true ‘community-oriented’ approach. The City of San Rafael was very pleased with the outcome of the search.

WBCP went above and beyond to understand what we needed. The result was exceptional candidates. We are very grateful for the value that the WBCP team brought to our search.”

– Jim Schutz, City Manager
City of San Rafael, California